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Microsoft Dynamics ERP Gold Partner in
Los Angeles California, New York & Chicago

Calsoft Systems is one of most famous Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Southern California.

Calsoft has office in Los Angeles, Torrance, New York and Chicago and is the Gold ERP Partner and Certified Vendor for three Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions as Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX. Since 1994, Calsoft’s award-winning team has been helping companies in any of North America area sharpen their competitive edge from small companies to mid-size of divisions of global enterprises,

Step into our offices at Calsoft and you will see brilliant minds at work. Meetings in multiple languages, developers coding, consultants brainstorming, training of philosophy and project management, engineers building — everyone collaborating each day to apply human brainpower and the latest technology to make our client’s business perform better than ever thought possible.

Our team is comprised of Microsoft Certified Specialists, Accountants and CPA, MBAs, Project Managers, MIS Engineers, Solution Architects, Software Developers, CISSP Security Specialist – a fully charged staff of passionate professionals who make business enterprise system hum with optimal power.

We take our commitment to clients seriously
We listen to the needs of our individual clients and then tailor the ERP system to meet their unique objectives.
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Solution-Based ERP Services
A successful implementation gives businesses a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) business solution software empowers your company to be more productive and enables systems to adapt as you grow, while delivering the insight you need to respond quickly in an ever-changing world.

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Business Consulting
Imagine your business technology running like a finely tuned machine throughout your entire enterprise.

By replacing outdated technology with highly automated solutions specifically selected for your needs, it will. Calsoft’s consultants will conduct a thorough assessment of your current operation and pinpoint the ideal solution to suit your goals and growing needs.

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IT Network & Support
Calsoft System’s IT & Network Infrastructure services offers our clients a go-to partner for keeping their technology working smoothly and securely.

Calsoft Systems knows what manufacturing companies need. Through our many years of experience working directly with manufacturing companies and diving deep into their business processes, we have put together a powerful set of solutions that will catapult business performance to a new level.

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Software Development
After 20 years of providing custom software development services, Calsoft Systems brings you some of the most highly experienced developers in the industry

Whether it’s integrating your business applications, modifying your existing software or building a new application from the ground up, when it comes to the soft side of IT, few are as qualified as Calsoft Systems.

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Move forward with intention. It won't be right away, but eventually you will begin to see progress.
Project Expertise

We work with hundreds of companies to maximize business performance through technology

Our ingrained business acumen enables us to provide consulting that ensures your project will be successful.

C-Level Executives have the challenge of running an enterprise smoothly by making IT decisions that impact the entire business. Finding the right partner to help you make an informed decision is one of the best investments you could ever make, saving you money and resources.

Business Consulting
Not all partners are alike
At Calsoft, we know that choosing a partner is more than just the technology. It's about a long-term commitment.
Leverage Calsoft’s 20 years of experience with ERP systems to gain valuable insights.
Make it a priority

Take full advantage of your ERP resources to meet your ROI objectives, even if that means re-configuring your existing solution to meet changing business needs.

Microsoft Strengths

Some of the key strengths of the Microsoft platform and Dynamics ERP business solutions in particular, are their versatility, extensibility and continuous R&D innovations.

We always stay with our clients and respect their business.
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