Warehouse Management Solutions

Streamline Your Warehouse
Our WMS and Barcoding Solutions were built to improve the efficiency of your warehouse operations

CS WMS Star is a WMS solution that helps distributors and manufacturers efficiently manage all movements of inventory into, within and out of your warehouse.

Developed by Calsoft Systems on .net framework and e-Connect, WMS Lite was created to reduce processing time, eliminate errors and increase efficiency in your warehouse.

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You can work smarter.
Understand your Business Better

We offer a seamless solution for running your warehouse.

The role-tailored experience of Microsoft Dynamics ERP gives your business access to information. The right information.

Calsoft has worked with hundreds of distributors for several decades and we have leveraged that experience to create CS WMS Star. So if you have unique needs that other WMS aren’t able to fulfill then contact Calsoft to benefit not only from our expertise with the distribution industry but also from our expertise in technology.

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